Since our earliest times, bread has sustained people. For much of that history, bakers made bread locally in wood-fired ovens with local ingredients and on a small scale. These artisans used wild yeast leavens to slowly rise their breads. They adjusted their recipes and methods to adapt to changes in season and harvests. The result was the type of bread that has become elusive in many places. 

After home-baking for many years, I was introduced to artisan breads in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the first amazing bite, I knew I wanted to bake breads of this caliber. After years in the making, Old Dog Baking Company is now creating beautiful breads with distinct crust, crumb, and flavor on Mount Desert Island.

If you have been searching for a loaf of real bread baked in a wood fired oven and delivered to you, give us a call at 207.266.9332 or email us at